S1 EP12 Finding your passion with Lola Adeyemi

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March 16, 2019
S1 EP 13 Stepping out of your comfort zone with Co-Host: Farrah Khimji
March 30, 2019

S1 EP12 Finding your passion with Lola Adeyemi

Being able to do the things we love and earn an income from it can bring about tremendous happiness in our lives. It’s not always easy to discover what you are passionate about, but it is possible if we put ourselves out there, and miracles start to happen when we make the effort to create the life we want around the things we are passionate about.

My guest today is Lola Adeyemi, and she is the found of It’Souper, a delicious chain of Healthy soups, both tasty and nutritious with distribution in and around the Greater Toronto Area. I talk to Lola on how she was able to discover her passion and what steps she took to manifest her dreams. I also ask her about the challenges she faced along the way and what she did to overcome.

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