S1 EP19 Overcoming adversity with Gratitude with Levi Stanford

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S1 EP19 Overcoming adversity with Gratitude with Levi Stanford

My special guest today is Levi Stanford, and he’s from Cardston, Alberta. Levi’s story is a truly captivating and inspiring one. Just 5 days after being married to the love of his life, he was involved in a car accident that not only led to the amputation of his left hand, but he was in an induced coma fighting for his life. When he woke up, he was filled with immense gratitude to have a second chance at life. He used his gratitude to not only make a remarkable recovery, but to pursue his passion as a musician.

Levi also went on to become a motivation speaker by sharing his story and inspiring people across the world. He’s traveled across Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia, and last year he released his debut album- Head Strong. This year he launched his passion project, which is a Challenge program to help people achieve their goals in all aspects of their lives. He is a true warrior and an example of overcoming adversity with gratitude.

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