S1 EP24 Gratitude

S1 EP23 How to live a more Empowering Life with Kate Goora Fried
June 7, 2019
S2 EP1 How to Maximize your Super Powers with Dr. Capri Cruz
January 21, 2020

S1 EP24 Gratitude

Gratitude is remaining in a state of awareness and appreciation for the things we currently have, even as we pursue more in life. By doing so we create the opportunity for more blessings to come into our lives and align ourselves with high energy vibrations; vibrations such as love, joy, kindness, hope and inspiration.

In this final episode of season 1, I remind myself and my listeners to cultivate a mindset of gratitude, and to always remember that we are already abundant and lacking of nothing.

Thanks for listening 🙂

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